10/04/2018 – International seminar High Growth, Low Impact in Cracow

10/04/2018 – International seminar High Growth, Low Impact in Cracow

The international seminar High Growth, Low Impact will take place on April 10th, 2018 on Cracow University of Economics (builiding G, room 13). This event is part of the Open Eyes Economy on Tour conference cycle, which culminates in the Open Eyes Economy Summit held every November in Krakow.

At the seminar we will talk about whether it is possible to produce more using less. Continuous, exponential growth is one of the major and practically unquestioned paradigms of the modern age. Although the period of dynamic development is only a short moment in the history of mankind, our societies and institutions have become addicted to it. The belief that the future will bring more and more of everything is also a major factor which drives the exploding and growing debt of households, businesses and states. Will it be possible in the future to meet the continuously great expectations? We can see more clearly the costs of the growth. The constant increase of the scale of resources exploitation leads to the devastation of the natural environment and climate changes. New technologies and robots steal the work from people. Generated prosperity is spread unevenly, limited mainly to rich urban agglomerations. Undoubtedly in the long run the current model of growth is impossible to maintain.

We invited to the debate guests from British universities, the Chief Economist of Polish Social Insurance Institution and professors from Warsaw School Of Economics, Adam Mickiewicz University and Polish Acameny of Sciences.

The main lecture Economic and Ecological Crises: Green New Deals and No-Growth Economies will be given by prof. Robert Jessop from Lancaster University – a British academic and writer who has published extensively on state theory and political economy.

This seminar is also a part of Good Governance cycle, which aim is to indentify and solve social issues by public administraction.

The event will be held in English. There is no registration need. The partcipation is free of charge.

See you!