We started the Firm-Idea Project in late 2013 when discussing the future of the modern model of business management and the philosophy of business–society relations, or, which turned out to be even more important, the society–business relations.

The discussions have been fascinating from the very outset with more and more extraordinary people joining in, including, but not limited to highly reputable individuals, business people, representatives of the world of culture, and scientists. The term “Brand as Culture” emerged alongside the term “Firm as an Idea.” In a broader sense, we started to call the phenomenon in question the Open Eyes Economy.

The initial thoughts and concepts combined to form to an increasingly distinct picture of the world in which we live today and a vision of the world in which we may live in a moment. It becomes progressively more clear that we are dealing with a crisis of ideas with a huge impact on the reality around us.

The Firm-Idea as a proposal is intended to develop and put into practice the previous reflections of numerous scientists, leaders of social change, and management practitioners. It constitutes an attempt to categorise and merge the already familiar yet unsystematically applied solutions with a view to developing a comprehensive, constructive model that would allow for a re-evaluation of outdated and less effective solutions. Finally, it is an attempt to create a modern, bold theory with the intention to apply it more broadly in practice.

As a topic for discussion, Firm-Idea reflects pragmatism, not idealism. It offers an opportunity to take an important step forward in the area of management and social communication, an opportunity to set up credible companies and brands based on people’s trust – it is time they ceased to be perceived in terms of ‘human resources’ and ‘targets.’

It also constitutes an opportunity to take the initiative and try to gain control over the ongoing macro-social and macroeconomic processes, which in the near future may prove to be crucial both for companies and people coming into contact with them. In other words, for all of us.

We are pleased that our project involves a large, constantly growing group of people representing different points of view and a number of valuable companies, which, just like us, perceive the dangers associated with a more or less thoughtless persistence of the ‘old’ solutions. We are even more pleased that an increasing number of people and institutions take notice of the opportunities inherent in the approach as suggested by us.

The issues related to a fair distribution of goods, value marketing, carefully scrutinised and widely understood culture and its impact on the economy, corporate social responsibility, or the revolutions in the field of customer–company relations constitute the key topics. Here you can find out more about our point of view and its intrinsic perspective.

Apart from the publications and inspirational sessions offered by us, the website is a further step towards refining the Firm–Idea model and an opportunity to stimulate the discussion. We look forward to your interest and commitment.

For this purpose, we have provided two publications: a longer text explaining the Firm-Idea concept and a short version of the MANIFESTO of our model.


FIRM-IDEA MANIFEST (only Polish version)