The Firm-Idea team consists of experts mainly from the Faculty of Public Economy and Administration at the Cracow University of Economics. It includes not only theoreticians but also seasoned practitioners in the fields of management, economics, finance and law. The specialised sub-teams focused on particular areas of company operations take advantage of the input from a variety of specialists from outside our academic circles. The central areas of interest currently researched include intellectual property management, human resources, and relational financing.

If you think that you have knowledge useful in terms of developing the Idea-Idea concept and would like to join our team, please use the contact form.

Below are images of selected members of the Firm-Idea team.


prof. dr hab. Jerzy Hausner

Uniwersytet Ekonomiczny w Krakowie

Mateusz Zmyślony


prof. UEK dr hab. Andrzej Kozina

Uniwersytet Ekonomiczny w Krakowie

dr Bartłomiej Biga

Uniwersytet Ekonomiczny w Krakowie

Marek Oramus

Uniwersytet Ekonomiczny w Krakowie

Jacek Radwański

HMR Consulting